The  Night Party  is a  Quadrennial  event held  at  Walpurgis Academy in which the top  students with the highest 100 acedemic scores can compete for the position of this years Wiseman's Chair

The First wiseman of Machinart  was  first seated a century and half ago .  The Wiseman has been known to spend fortures in gold bullion to bribe offiicals and kill anyone that gets in their way .

The   Wiseman  postion is being offered this year  (see Wiseman's Chair ) .

.  Raishin being second to last in the standing at the  acdaemy is well below the top 100 students that are qualified and must defeat one of them to gain a slot  . He Defeated Felix Kingford to gain his spot and got the bottom slot in the compition  by having Yaya defefeat  him and , Cannibal Candy and  to solve the mystery of who had attacked all the automations and students  .Frey and Rabi where Pitted against  Raishin and Yaya in the first of the round robin matches  , the third contestant was Loki with Cherubim ,  Loki gave up his very high ranking position  to meet Raishin right after Freys' combat ,  which drew Director Bronson's ire  .This also had the effect of scaring off many other of the lower ranking combatants from joining in the frey  . The Fighting is very Hazardious to the puppets but not the masters , except if your like Raishin and protect Yaya whith his body from attack 

Director Bronson