Character Type:

Machine Doll


Alice Bernstein

Shin is the butler of [Alice Bernstein] the headmaster's assistant. He is an automaton puppet whom is capable of independent action.


Shin seems to be wearing a butler like uniform with a red tie and black shades.


Not much is known about Shin except he is what is called a " Divine machine doll " meaning that he is self independent but if he uses too much magical energy he will need his puppeteer.


Shin seems to be a follower, following his masters every task without question even if it means punishment afterword, other then that he seems to have somewhat of a sadistic side fighting without mercy.

He also seems to be extremely strong, even stronger then yaya and extremely agile, he seems to have strong legs using them to his advantage in battle. Either he has a teleportation like ability or is very speedy to warp behind his enemies, So far he doesn't seem to sport any specific skills or abilities except overpowering his enemies with sheer power and strength


  • Shin is mentioned to be a self autonomous puppet.
  • Shin also has the odd ability to fly

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