Character Type:

Canine(previous), Bandoll



Family Members:

  • Father
  • Yomi (Mother)
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Aunt
  • Uncle

Rabi is a dog that was turned into Frey's Automaton or in other words a Bandoll . Rabi's mother is another bandoll named "Yomi".

Frey is the only human he adores, he doesn't like director bronson and avoids Loki if possible. All Garm have sonic magic circuits which can be used as a weapon or to detect cloaked automations or people like a sonic radar


Rabi is one of the children of Yomi who were made into bandolls.


Rabi has the appearance of a wolf like husky dog and has a black fur. He has yellow eyes.[1] In his berserk mode his eye becomes red and his body becomes bigger.[2] , His Appearance is different in the Manga and the Anime , in the Manga his snout is has a mussel that dissapears in atack mode .


Roar Blast

Rabi can release a blast of sound waves which is invisible to the naked eyes.[1]


His sonic circuit can detect movement of the enemy and detect invisible intruders like how Yomi did when Komurasaki and Raishin entered her cage

Berserk Mode

When activated he becomes more powerful and can recover from any injuries he sustains. He becomes more aggressive in this mode and not even Frey can control him.[2]


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  • Rabi is not a puppet made to look like a dog, but he is a dog made into an automaton instead.


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