Komurasaki is Ya Ya's sister Puppet both crafted by Shouko

She has the ability , "Yaegasumi", as opposed to Ya Ya's Kongouriki. While her sister has absolute defense, Komurasaki can use her ability to hide herself and allies or even alter the perception of the enemy, making her extremely useful in sneaking to enemy fortresses. 

She is shown to be a happy-go-lucky lass but she still has a underconfident streak as her ability is nowhere similar to her sister, Irori, whose ability can control ice and time itself, a great ranged attack skill and Ya  Ya's Kongouriki which can turn her into the ultimate melee juggernaut. Instead her ability requires her to work in the shadows, relying on luck and agility. 

However, Raishin taught her to wield the dagger to protect herself.

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