Character Type:

Human(previous), Puppet, Bandoll



Hotaru is one of six puppets in Magnus's legion.


Hotaru appears to be cold and highly hostile to Raishin, attacking him without a split second of hesitation when they were stranded away from others. She is also devoted to Magnus, always putting his safety as her top priority. She sees Raishin as a threat, and have tried to kill him multiple times when she had the freedom to.


Hotaru and Shin battled in the pit under the Walpurgis Academy, and have fought against Raishin a number of times under Magnus's command.


Initially, Even the most observant analysts such Raishin and Alice assumed that Hotaru's ability is a form of physical enhancement similar to Yaya, being able to fight on par with her. That was until when Raishin perfectly dodged one of her strikes in a fight, but ended up sustaining severe internal injuries in the process and nearly died. She is capable of making instantaneous combustion to the enemy's insides without directly touching them, although the true nature of the ability remains unknown. Raishin speculated that it's this ability that was able to enhance Hotaru's physical ability.



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