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Henriette Belew is the younger sister of Charllotte Belew.

She has no Puppet and she is afraid of men, ghosts, and her own shadow. She is suicidal and has no magical abilities and is not a student at the academy.


She has long silky blonde hair and is wearing a tam. Like her sister, she has blue eyes. She has a very light complexion , a slight body build and modest bossom.

History Edit

The Belew family where very popular because of their talent of creating dolls. One day, Charlotte's pet atomaton dog attacked a boy from a royal family and because of it the Belew family lost their favor.


Hernriette Belew is a very loney and gloomy-looking girl, she is mostly alone without any friends. Also, it seems she has a fear of men for a unknown reason, one could say she was severely mistreated by men. Due to the fact that when Henriette meets Raishin she says odd things like "Oh no! A man! He's going to pound me hard!"

Trivia  Edit

  • A thing that Heriette does that whenever that Raishin tries to help her, she'll say "Oh no! A man! He's going to pound me hard!"


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