'Shirakami Children' or 'Promised Children'

Character Type:

Human, Puppeteer



Family Members:

  • Father(deceased)
  • Mother(deceased)
  • Loki (Brother)

Voiced by:

Kana Asumi

Frey ( フレイ? ) is not a very competent person  . She even managed to trap herself in a  in a snare trap she laid for Raishin.[1]

Her Heart has been augmented with magic circuit to allow her direct a greater flow of magic to Rabi.[2]

Frey is a shortened form of Freya, one of the two siblings representing the gods from Norse Mythology. Her brother's name is Loki. Her birthday is on July 26. Her blood type is A.


She has medium length pearl gray hair, cherry colored eyes, a slender build with an ample bosom, that makes Yaya and Charlotte jealous. She wears asymmetrical sized hair ribbons. Her outfit consists of a black skirt, garters, stockings, a long-sleeved white blouse and a purple cape with a golden slide closing it around around her neck. Loki and Frey have matching emblems on the slides that fastens their capes. The emblem appears to be for D-Works.[3]


Both of Frey's parents were murdered by Director Bronson secretly during a live performance in the Americas.[4]


Frey is rather clumsy and inept  getting trapped in her own traps she set for Raishin, also very doubting of herself due to the fact that she thinks that her brother is better then her.[1] She later on becomes more assuring of herself after her brother protects her. It also seems that she has affections for Raishin proven by her words to her brother saying that he might be "Family Someday" while he was fighting Raishin.[5]


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