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Charlotte Belew ( シャルロット・ブリュー? ) is Sigmund's puppeteer. A second year puppeteer at Walpurgis Machinart Academy. She is one of the top students at the Academy. She aspires to be the Wiseman, and because she doesn't want to feel bad about going against friends that she refuses to make friends.[1]


She has a long silky blonde hair and wears a light blue tam , with a red ribbon on it. Her eyes are royal blue.


The Belew family were very popular because of their talents of making puppets . Then, one day Charlotte's pet dog Alfred attacked a boy from the royal family and because of it the Belew family lost their popularity. Charlotte has been alone since then because her family disappeared when she woke up. Charlotte has been kicked out in school, and she and her automaton, Sigmund, are living together. She can't believe that her automaton is the reason why her family lost popularity and why they were disbursed.[2]


A lonely girl who doesn't have friends and stays away from everyone, because if anyone in her way she will fight them. Until, she met Raishin and know the meaning of having friends is better than being alone. She and Raishin became very close to each other, too close for Yaya . Her hobbies are equestrian, embroidery, neeedle work, and dress making. It seems she has strong attraction towards Raishin as evidence it said in episode 11 of the anime from Sigmund that before she met Raishin that she was never happy, and started to cry when she was thinking of him.[3]


  • It seems she dislike's that her bust size is smaller compared to her sister's saying that she was suppose to take them to the grave in a joking matter.[4]
  • Charlotte uses padding to make her breasts appear bigger as related by sigmund.[4]


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