Cannibal Candy is a mysterious automaton that ate other automatons. It is later revealed, ElizaFelix Kingsfort's puppet, was Cannibal Candy.
Facing Cannible candy 10-10-14


Cannibal candy's  Ability ,' is the ability that lets her mimic the abilities of any automaton whose  eve heart she devours and use them once in battle and then they become useless to her . Her Predatory nature allowed her to amass over 40 eve hearts  

Disguise ,  She has a shape shifting abilities to adopt other forms of the victims she eats ,  Such as 'Risette Norden 'or the hazey form of Cannibal Candy . 

Stolen Skills

Undines ,Water Elementals , Is the  ability that she  acquired  from an automaton that could use water magic and allows her to transformer herself and weapons into water and cast water spears

Morning Star , An ability that she stole from the  automaton that  attacked Charlotte when Raishin and Yaya was trying to acquire Char's gauntlet , the chain is augmented and infused with  magical energy and the ball is a heavy iron ball with spikes .The chain and business end can be manifested independently or simultaneously

Earth wave , A stolen eves heart allows her to plant her  sword in the ground and cause a miniature  earth quake and topple everyone in the surrounding area .

CC,  Stole Snow whites eves heart and was able to turn into a toxic corrosive  air borne mist and use her attacks of White Mist


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