Magnus X II

Magnus with two of his bandolls

Bandoll stands for "banned doll". Bandolls are frowned upon, but can be used during the night party. They are puppets that use real dead human or animal parts such as skin, organs, blood, etc. Animal parts are considered acceptable, but human bodies are strictly taboo. Bandolls are very powerful since they do not need a puppeteer to control them, as they can use magic attacks and normal attacks. However, there are downsides to using them. The Puppeteer must have considerable stamina and magical power to use them properly and they must eat and drink like normal humans, although lasting longer against starvation and dehydration.

List of Bandolls


Yaya is a bandoll made by Shouko and is revealed to drain Raishin's vitality, slowing his healing when in battle. It is unknown if other dolls share this downside and what benefit it gives to Yaya.

Magnus's Dolls

Magnus' dolls are implied to be human bandolls, as noted by Kimberley, although further details are unknown.


Sigmund is a bandoll who was once a real dragon, who lived in the mountains of the Charlotte Belew's family.

White Mist

Risette Nordan's doll is implied to be a human bandoll.  


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