Alice Bernstein



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Alice Bernstein also known under the alias Avril is Felix Kingsfort's cousin.


Alice frequently used magic to change her appearance but she is shown as a beautiful young woman with silver hair, violet-colored eyes, and she also wears purple lipstick. Half her body is machine and she weighs about the same as a human adult (due to the machine parts)


Despite her attractive appearance, her personality is terrible; she is cold, calculating, and sadistic. She mocked Charlotte about how she is trusted Felix and was betrayed by him and soon after moved on to Raishin, she threatened to strip Henriette naked and throw her into a hole full of hoodlums, and frequently commands Shin to kill Raishin though she does not expect him to succeed. she stated that what brings her the most happiness is see other people unhappy.


Alice Bernstein is Edward Rutherford's secrectary and want's to discredit him so his cousin can have his status restored. It is shown that she used magic to change her form, in her true form she is rather tall, has large breasts and flowing dark blonde hair.

It was revealed to raishin that she was also Edward Rutherford's daughter, a fact that not even her butler Shin knew.


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